Here’s what people are saying about People You May Know

Entertainment Weekly

Can you really change your life by getting more likes? See for yourself and check out EW's first look at People You May Know.

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Entertainment Tonight

People You May Know star Carly Chaikin talks social media’s double-edged sword and the relevancy of the film’s message in today’s culture.

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CBS Los Angeles

Actor Ian Harding Discusses how People You May Know represents the dangers of tying self-worth to social media popularity.

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In Style

Actor Ian Harding discusses the upside of social media in his new film People You May Know

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The Wrap

Producer and Star of People You May Know, Kaily Smith Westbrook, is done waiting for permission to tell stories.

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Actors Ian Harding and Carly Chaikin on People You May Know and life outside of social media.

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